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1. Exactly what are your wraps?

Our wraps are a high quality, lightweight but very durable vinyl. The print is of the best possible photographic quality and come with an estimated 70 year colourfast rating. They are then covered in a high gloss clear top coat for maximum lustre. The bonus: our wraps adhere to themselves creating a magnificent new ‘skin’ for each shell of your kit; they leave your original shells unmarked and are held firmly in place by your existing lugs and hardware – so – if you want to keep changing your look, the only limit to the number of faces your kit can have is your imagination…

2. How long will your wraps keep your kit looking great?

The 70 year colourfast print rating combined with the high gloss clear top coat ensure our wraps have the best chance of lasting the distance. Stage lighting will not affect our wraps! Exposure to direct sunlight and extreme heat conditions will take their toll but if you have as much pride in your kit as we have in our wraps we’re sure they’ll last you decades.

3. Why use our wraps?

Hammertime Custom Drums is an entirely Australian owned and operated company. All of our designs and images are original photographs or artworks of our creative design team which really does go to show there is no limit to what you can Custom-Wrap your kit in! Any outsourcing is also kept local to ensure your hard earned cash goes back into benefiting the land of Oz! Our products are of the best possible quality and our service is second to none. We gaurantee you won’t be disappointed.

4. How long will it take to deliver our wraps?

Turnaround after ordering is usually between 4 and 6 weeks. The Christmas / New Year period is the only time this may be longer… In keeping with our commitment to customer satisfaction if we can get them to you any sooner, we will!

5. Do you do more than wraps?

We certainly do! Although we specialise in the customisation of drum shells, we also offer bass drum decals and custom name plates for your kit (laser etched designs of your choosing to replace the sometimes stale look of the drum company giants. They will leave absolutely no doubt that this is YOUR kit!) …Both of these services are available on request contact us »

6. What if something goes wrong with our wraps?

We are happy to replace any wrap that fails to meet our promised high standards. If however the wrap is damaged / cut / altered by the customer we take no responsibility… Changing your mind on receipt of the wraps is non-refundable so please choose carefully.

7. What is the philosophy behind Hammertime Custom Drums?

As the tag line says: “Why replace? Reface!” We believe that drums should not only sound great but look amazing! Why risk upgrading your tried and true setup because you’re tired of the look you present on stage? “Reface” your kit with a Hammertime Custom Wrap and be sure that you’ll maintain your signature sound and gain your very own signature look!

Questions not answered or can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us »

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