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Hammertime Custom Drums

Reface your drum kit!

Why replace your drums? Reface them with a custom wrap and be the envy of every drummer in the audience.

Reface your drum kit with a custom drum wrap

Pick from our designs, or send us yours

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How It Works

1. We customize your kit in one of three ways:

a) You choose from one of our stock designs - browse the folio, make your choice, your order!

b) You send us your artwork - artwork needs to be a minimum of 300dpi and 200mm High x 400mm Wide in CMYK format.

c) We create an entirely new design that is right for you - Let us know the kind of custom design you are after and we will send you out a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

2. You send us your kit:

It seems daunting but it's actually really easy. For freight instructions


1. How to save money

Don't fancy packing your kit and sending it to us? Fit the wraps yourself and save! Our wraps are very easy to install and you'll have the satisfaction of adding the finishing touches yourself. For installation instructions

2. Size Matters

Our wraps for a standard 5 piece kit usually cost around $450AUD. Bigger (or smaller...) than average? for more accurate pricing info.

Find more answers in our FAQ »

Check out our studio blog for an insight into the
process, current works plus other tips and articles

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